The Politics of Prophecy – Kevin Hackett

Most of us are aware that the Democratic National Convention is about to descend on the city of Boston, and everywhere you look, people are getting ready for the onslaught. Windows are getting washed. The visible parts of the Big Dig are going to be nearly finished. Potholes that are decades old are disappearing. There’s hardly a corner of the city that is not getting spruced up. Continue reading

Proper 11C – Br. Jonathan Maury

Luke 10:38-42

When first glimpsed over the flat, scrub-covered land, it appeared quite small. Gradually though this was revealed as an optical illusion created by its isolation in the vast expanse before us. As the truck driven by our host Father Gabriel moved closer and closer, its immense height and expanse became clear. Its proportions seemed to be as those of legend and folklore. Continue reading