WWCD? (What Would Constantine Do?) – Br. Mark Brown

Mark 9:30-37

According to history the Roman Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity sometime in the early 4th century.  But some people say Constantine did not convert to Christianity: the church converted to Constantine.  That is, the church took on the trappings of power and empire and even the power of coercion.  And things have been confused ever since: in the church and in states. Continue reading

Power Over Demons – Br. David Vryhof

Mark 9:14-29

It seems to me that we who live in today’s world, with its extensive and rapid means of communication, are more keenly aware than ever before of the tremendous evil and suffering that affect the lives of all who live on this earth. Day after day, we are confronted with images of war, genocide, greed and corruption, poverty, disease, and starvation. Continue reading