Saint John the Evangelist, the Beloved Disciple – Br. Curtis Almquist

Br. Curtis AlmquistShed upon your Church, O Lord, the brightness of your light, that we, being illumined by the teaching of your evangelist John the Beloved, may so walk in the light of your truth, that at length we may attain to the fullness of eternal life; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever.  Amen.

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Incarnation – Br. Eldridge Pendleton

Br. Eldridge PendletonIsaiah 61: 10-62: 3
Hebrews 1: 1-12
John 1:1-18

Several hundred years after the foundation of Christianity, while the new religion was still concentrated in the eastern Mediterranean but spreading rapidly over Europe, north Africa and the middle east, controversy broke out in the Church which caused serious dissension and could have destroyed any sense of unity.  Continue reading

The Christmas Gift – Br. Curtis Almquist

Br. Curtis AlmquistLuke 2:1-20

This evening, during the serving of Holy Communion, we will be invited to sing the very familiar, “O little town of Bethlehem, how still we see thee lie!” The words of this hymn were penned by the great Boston preacher, Phillips Brooks, in the 19th century, a very different world than we know today.i Continue reading

St. Thomas the Apostle – Br. David Vryhof

Br. David VryhofJohn 20:24-29

Have you ever had the experience of taking a photograph of someone, and finding the result rather disappointing?  Not necessarily because the person you photo­graph is out of focus; not because the color is funny; not even because the composition is off-balanced… but because the person captured in the moment of photograph is not reflective of the whole personality.

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God Is With You – Br. Curtis Almquist

Br. Curtis AlmquistFourth Sunday in Advent

Purify our conscience, Almighty God, by your daily visitation, that your Son Jesus Christ, at his coming, may find in us a mansion prepared for himself; who lives and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen.

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Where are you from? – Br. Geoffrey Tristram

Br. Geoffrey TristramThis sermon is available only in audio format.

The Winter of Our Discontent – Br. Mark Brown

Br. Mark BrownAdvent III
Is. 61:1-4, 8-11; Ps. 126; 1 Thes. 5:16-24; John 1:6-8, 19-28

The genius of the Scriptures is how completely they mirror human nature. From the heights of love, to the depths of hate.  From confident trust to the most lurid cynicism and cruelty. From the darkness of deep despair to the brilliant light of unmitigated joy.  The human condition is all there. Continue reading

Andrew: The First Called – Br. James Koester

Br. James KoesterThis sermon is available only in audio format.