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School of Prayer: Good Friday

To help celebrate Holy Week here is the third of four short videos by the SSJE Brothers reflecting on todays service: Good Friday, Liturgy with Veneration of the Cross.

10 thoughts on “School of Prayer: Good Friday

  1. I find it is to difficult to put
    myself in the place of others who watch the crucifiction of Jesus. I am now mourning the death of my sister, to even contemplate the question posed in the video lesson overwhelms me at present. I weep at the notion of having witnessed such an event. I do not know what I would do. To have to watch and wait for the end to come is too painful. As was indicated in the video, we know how it ended. We learned about the resurrection of Christ. This what gives me comfort today. I am focusing upon the good and the blessed beauty of his resurrection.

  2. I have always wept most bitterly during the Good Friday services for many years, in remorse for my own sins and in anguish for the horrific suffering of Jesus, innocently dying to free us from the Law we can’t keep, from the tyranny of sin and from final death.
    Last night, however, at our Maundy Thursday service, the priest gave a homily on the foot washing; the intimacy of Christ’s love for us , as he washed the sweat, dirt, and smell away from the disciples’ feet. It is hard to RECEIVE such intimate love which cleanses us so intimately .Peter , at first, demurred. Today, I think I will focus on Christ’s deep , merciful, intimate love for us and try to OPEN MY HEART MORE AND REALLY RECEIVE IT. Will, that make me more able to give such love to others? “We love because He first loved US”. I pray so.

  3. I appreciate the pain and despair of the day – thank you for reminding us that we know the joy of what comes next, and to be empathetic to the suffering of those who were there who could not know.

  4. I always wear one of my Names Project AIDS Memorial Quilt shirts to church on Good Friday — something I started a number of years ago. Today as we walked the Stations of the Cross after the Good Friday Liturgy I sort of understood why I do this and how often I had seen the face of Jesus in/on friends living and dying of complications of HIV/AIDS before we had the drugs we have today.

  5. Thank you very much for these messages. They are very insightful and helpful.

    If you send SSJE news, etc. via Email please include my address.


  6. Without Jesus . . . Terrifying! Unthinkable! How can we go on?
    His message was simple, but very ddifficult. Which one if us is strong enough to continue the movement?
    No, each of us in our own way must carry the burden to bring the vision to life.

  7. As we cannot see the resurrection on Good Friday that is yet to come on Easter Sunday (or late Saturday night) so we cannot see the resurrection events to come in our own lives and times, the coming together of such separate parties to find common goals for all people, the ability to embrace diversity and celebrate unity, the capacity to find a sense of greater and greater abundance even as we continue to reduce our consumption, and the birthing of a whole new world that is continuing to bring us closer and closer to the Kingdom of God. Good Friday is the resting place just before new life begins and so I rest.

  8. I am not sure I ever ( really) contemplated “life without Jesus”… but a helpful start to imaging how the 3 Marys and John were feeling. Thank you, John, for your whole reflection today.

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