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School of Prayer: Holy Saturday

To help celebrate Holy Week here is the forth of four short videos by the SSJE Brothers reflecting on todays service: Holy Saturday, Liturgy of the Word

8 thoughts on “School of Prayer: Holy Saturday

  1. What a wonderful message – ‘lighting a candle in the night to say to the darkness, “I beg differ”‘ – I will remember that – thank you.

  2. Thank you for sharing these daily reflections during Holy Week. I have been sick and housebound all week, so have missed services. These reflections are really helpful. Thanks for keeping them simple and direct, too.

  3. I have found that your Holy Week videos do more than offer me a comforting word, they have better prepared me for each service at my own church. With them comes insight and comfort — and also expectation. Expectation to hear the still small voice that often gets lost in my own busy thoughts. Thank you for enriching my experience of the mystery of this Holy Week.

  4. This is wonderful preparation for the Great Vigil for me… to move from darkness to light… but sit in the darkness and the stillness, the absence not the presence… and yet the imminent return… I like the idea of resting… it is almost like a state of shock in response to “it is finished”… like suspended animation waiting for the unexpected re- and yet new- appearance… Jesus is gone… there is nothing but absence.

  5. Thank you for the brief yet powerful words..It is amazing to realise that God would stoop so low, to visit the darkness of hell to transform our lives. Such love! Praise be to God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

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