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Being Loved: Week 4 | Day 5

“Love one another as I have loved you,” Jesus said after washing the feet of his disciples. Br. Luke Ditewig notes that love comes out of being loved; it is in allowing our own need to be seen and touched that we can then reach out and touch others’ lives.

Question: Who is “washing your feet”? How are you “washing” others?
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Activity: God Sighting Map

Transcript: Jesus said, “Love one another as I have loved you.”  He said this having gone around the table kneeling down to wash each of his friends’ feet.  To wash the feet that were dirty, messy, they stank.  Feet I think are figurative for our vulnerability, which we really are when we show up.  Things that we don’t necessarily want to show others, it’s risky, it’s emotionally exposing, but it’s real, which we are right now.  And like Peter, we often say, “Jesus, I don’t want you to wash my feet.”  But Jesus’ response to Peter and us is, “If I don’t wash you, you have no share with me.  I need to wash your feet.  I love you fully as you are.”

I find it’s easier for me to go and wash someone else’s feet, to go out and serve the world, to listen to others, to care for others.  But I, too, need to be washed.  Love comes out of being loved.  We, too, need to accept another’s invitation to let our feet be washed, to show up as we are, to share our story honestly, to share our emotions to be real.  And having accepted love from that then we go and wash feet tenderly, listen to others’ stories, help them in many ways.

So a question for today, who is washing your feet, and then how are you washing others?

– Br. Luke Ditewig

Question: Who is “washing your feet”?  How are you “washing” others?

Week 4 Activity: God Sighting Map
This week, create your own “God Sighting Map,” which locates God’s presence and activity in your surroundings and in your interactions with others. Start close to home, then move out into your neighborhood and community. Who or what has been a sign of God’s love to you today?

Watch Video Guidance | Download Activity as PDF | Sample Completed Activity

One thought on “Being Loved: Week 4 | Day 5

  1. This is a difficult one for me at present.Times are a bit challenging and some of my usual supports are not available.
    When this happens I notice that I don’t pick up on approaches from others to ‘wash my feet’, so I miss out on that support, and it is true,I give less as well,and what I do give is less real, it comes from my head rather than my heart.

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