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To God’s Glory: Week 6 | Day 5

The whole of creation is sacramental, pointing us to God. Br. Curtis Almquist suggests how an understanding of panentheism – that everything is in God – can ignite our passion and point us toward something we can do to safeguard the creation, and to God’s glory.

Question: What is it in creation that captures your passion?
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Activity: Date with Creation

Transcript: Creation is teaming with God’s glory, with God’s infinite creativity, and God’s oneness with all that God has created.  As Anglicans, we embrace a sacramental theology – Now do you remember from your confirmation days what is a sacrament? A sacrament is “an outward and visible sign of an inward and spiritual grace” – that the whole of creation is sacramental.  The whole of creation points us to God.

In the ancient vocabulary of the church there is a word for this, and it’s panentheism.  I’m not saying pantheism.  Pantheism is “God is all,” so God is rock, God is tree, God is sky, God is water.  Pantheism: theos, God, pan, everything.  But I’m saying panentheism, that everything is in God.  That everything points us back to God.  That the whole of creation is iconic, like an icon.  That God is always more than we experience in creation, but God is not less.

I’ll leave you with a question.  As you experience creation that surrounds you, what is it that captures your passion?  Now it may be passion in the sense of love, of deep love, something to which you’re greatly attracted because of its beauty, its glory.  Or it may be passion because of suffering.  Something of creation that is suffering, diminishing – to use St. Paul’s phrase – “groaning with travail.”  Is there something that you could do on behalf of something in creation to God’s glory?

– Br. Curtis Almquist

Question: What is it in creation that captures your passion?

Week 6 Activity: Date with Creation
Nurturing a healthy relationship with Creation takes time and intention. This week, schedule a few “dates” with Creation, finding a favorite spot in nature to return to each day. Nurture your relationship with Creation by offering thanks, being present, listening, protecting, and praying in this spot.

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One thought on “To God’s Glory: Week 6 | Day 5

  1. My passion for God’s creation varies from season to season. Right now, I am rejoicing in the beauty of the Bradford Pear trees, which are in full bloom, all over my city. The one I love the most, because of its close proximity to my house, is one in my front yard. Simply lovely beyond words! I so thank God for the Springtime, as well as for the three other seasons, each of which has its own special beauty.
    Thanks for causing me to think about this subject today.

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