5 Marks of Love

If we are “marked as Christ’s own,” what are the “marks of love” that characterize the Divine Life abiding and at work within us?

Starts on Sunday, February 26, 2017, in time for Ash Wednesday 2017 – then available as an anytime course.

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Starts on Sunday, February 26, 2017.

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This six-week series provides the opportunity to observe and to reflect on the ways in which the Divine Life expresses itself in and through us; individually and in our faith communities, as well as in the world around us.  Each week will explore the Anglican Marks of Mission (Tell, Teach, Tend, Transform and Treasure) through videos, questions and exercises so we can speak more clearly and act truthfully, motivated always by hearts marked by God’s love.

The Marks of Love are not simply a list of tasks to be checked off one after the other; they are signs that our life is rooted and grounded in the Being of God. The Brothers of SSJE will draw on their own monastic spirituality to help us balance action with contemplation, so that our words and deeds proceed from the deepest places of our hearts, where God dwells.  The resource encourages us to reflect on how we should live, not what we should do.

This series is designed for use by individuals or small groups. In small groups, facilitators will guide the growing process as participants discuss and learn together. For individuals, daily videos and reflections will lead them through a similar process. Ultimately participants will learn to offer themselves, body and soul, to God’s Mission, and to live for God’s glory. Materials and videos are free online and as downloads.

45 thoughts on “5 Marks of Love

  1. I am definitely interested this sounds like it will be a great series I am working through Growing a rule of life late I might add but I have found it rewarding and helpful.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful opportunity to refocus – to really try loving as the center of living. Probably hard to stick to, but really worth trying.
    Thank you for your many offerings of love.

  3. Although I am living in Colorado I am very interested in this series. As I get older I realize I need to work harder on recognizing God’s presence my life.

    Thank you for the opportunity.

  4. Thank you.

    One of the monastic wisdom series was on Time. I wanted to revisit that teaching and have had difficulty finding access to it on the webpage. Is there a simple way to access it?

    Thank you for your continuing ministry, Jonathan

  5. The last two Lenten series were rich and thoughtful as to affect me all year through. “Time” raised an everlasting awareness in me, and “Growing” my rule of life gave me more clarity on change that was possible. Actually small steps in one view, but hugely important for me (and those around me.)

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  7. I’m just getting excitement about the series of articles, books and ministry materials, which will enhance our relationship and ministry activities with others

  8. I have been joining the Brothers now in these Lenten meditations for 3 years. I find them really helpful to my journey and spiritual discipline. If you are just now finding these, I recommend going to ssje website and finding the archived materials for developing a Rule of Life. They have helped me redefine my worshipping communities and practices as the Church evolves into new forms for the 21st century.

  9. I did not do or read the Rule of Life from last year. Do you have them archived where I could read them? I happen to be doing that right now.

    • SSJE is happy to now be able to offer the series to be delivered at anytime. Please complete the brief form on this page: http://ssje.org/ssje/growrule/ to sign up and select the date you would like to start receiving the meditations. Each day, a video meditation with question for reflection will be delivered to your in-box.

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  11. Thank you so much for this! On February 19, I am going to be leading an orientation to the 5 Marks of Love for our congregation. I have the books, but can you clarify the timeline of the accompanying videos? Do they begin on February 26? Does the “Tell” section start that day, or is it better saved for the first full week of Lent?

    • The series will start on the Sunday before Ash Wednesday, February 26. The videos and activity for the week are intended as a starting point, hopefully setting the table and getting folks in the swing of the rhythm of the series and starting some thoughts and reflections.

      The “Tell” section follows that week, starting with Sunday March 5. The weeks begin on Sundays with an Introduction to the week ahead as well as an overview of the activity for the week. Each Saturday, rather than a brother, a lay person who has done the activity will be presented in a video, sharing their experiences of where the activity led them and what it provoked for them.

      We deliberately design these offerings in such a way that they may be adaptable, and used at any time during the year. So, we do hope that you may use the series on whatever timeframe works best for the group. We know some groups meet once a week and view all of the videos from that week together and discuss. Others meet twice a week and discuss and do the activity together. And others may have each individual in the group follow along on their own during the week and then as a group, they come together and discuss their thoughts, or perhaps they do the week’s activity together.

      There really is no set timeframe required to utilize the series, so adapting it to a schedule that works best for your group should provide everyone with the most rewarding experience.

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  13. Looking forward to this as I so enjoyed it last year. Our church will support the program with weekly discussions so we get the best of both I ndividial and group benefits. I will be traveling in Lent but I won’t miss a step! Thank you she.

  14. I am very much looking forward to receiving this course as I found that of last year very useful.
    I also enjoy being in daily touch with SSJE in the USA as I can no longer have that link here. One day perhaps I shall cross the Pond!
    Many thanks
    Fr Roger

  15. I want you to know how blessed I am to hold the roots of my faith, pulled up from their covering, and then replanted in my soul’s soil. I found your path through the Advent Calendar. So glad to be on this path with you and the One who draws us nearer and deeper into Truth and Grace.

  16. Thank you for your thoughtful work, in the tradition of the Cowley Fathers.
    Enabling us all, wherever we are in the Anglican Communion to grow in Grace and Love.

    Fr John West Lothian Scotland

  17. I have been struggling to hold on to the Love side of life as I’m been engaged in political battles of late. I pray this series will help me to refocus on Love.

  18. I have been following off & on the “daily word”.
    This seems to be to good next step. This is also a wonderful opportunity to learn more how to be ministered to and to minister to others.
    Also thank you for this Lenten gift to learn more of God Love and how one can shre that love with others.
    Thank you,
    Jim Belmont

  19. I am very interested in this program. It was suggested by my loving and caring daughter. She was in a very bad place at one time. Suffers from Lyme Disease but finds relief in the writings of the Bible.

  20. My church, The Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd, Kansas City, is using this as a Lenten study. The regular noonday prayer and Bible study will be working through the series. Members & guests may also come to an evening study group. I am looking forward to yet another way to be a part of my church family.

  21. I’ll be suggesting this 6 week series become my church men’s group focus for weekly discussion, and spiritual exploration in Lent.

  22. With the climate of the United States being what it is at this time, the 5 Marks of Love are so appropriate. As I put down social media during Lent, I am grateful to the Society of Saint John the Evangelist for giving me the 5 Marks of Love to take up, make my own and share.
    — The Rev. Emmetri Monica Beane
    Little Fork Episcopal Church
    Rixeyville, VA

  23. After using the Rules of Life last year we were eager to participate in this years offering. Parishioners were asking in January if we we planning to participate again this year. We are looking forward to a rewarding Lenten season.

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