Confess the Good: Week 4 | Day 2

What if you were asked to confess… to all the good you’ve done? Br. Mark Brown shares how important it is that we acknowledge all the ways that God’s power is and has been active in our lives.

Question: How are you already responding to human need?
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Activity: God Sighting Map

Transcript: Sometimes when I’m leading a retreat or hearing a confession, I’ll ask people to do something that often causes some confusion: I’ll ask people to confess the good that they have done.  Not just make a list of their sins but to confess how the love, and the power of the God, have actually worked in and through them, because after all, God is present, and active, and living within us, and the impulse to do good, whatever it is, comes from that source.

If we were to make a true and full confession, we not only need to list what we’ve done wrong.  But we need to actually acknowledge the ways in which God’s power, and God’s love have worked in and through us, using our hands as it were.  So I’ll ask people to make a complete confession of these things.

And I think it relates to the Marks of Mission, because the Marks of Mission are not just something out there to do in the future.  But they are, in a sense, a recognition of what we’re already doing as a church.  Maybe not fully, or completely, or perfectly, but it’s what we’re actually doing already.  We actually are already proclaiming the good news of the Kingdom and responding to human need by loving service, and other things on that list of Marks of Mission.  We’re already doing those things.  And acknowledging the reality of that, and coming to embrace the truth of that – that God is, indeed, working through us – is where we begin.

So before you think about what you might do, or what you could do to respond to human need, you might stop and reflect on how you already are doing that.  You already are responding to human need in loving service.  Think about those things.

– Br. Mark Brown

Question: How are you already responding to human need?
Share your answer in the comments here or using #5marksoflove

Week 4 Activity: God Sighting Map
This week, create your own “God Sighting Map,” which locates God’s presence and activity in your surroundings and in your interactions with others. Start close to home, then move out into your neighborhood and community. Who or what has been a sign of God’s love to you today?

Watch Video Guidance | Download Activity as PDF | Sample Completed Activity

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