Br. Jonathan Maury, SSJE

A native of Nantucket Island, Br. Jonathan Maury studied at the College of William and Mary in Virginia. Prior to his arrival at SSJE in 1984, Jonathan worked as an interior designer. He was life-professed in 1989, and has since served as the Community’s Treasurer, Guesthouse Brother, Choir Director and Cantor, and Director of the Fellowship of Saint John. He ministers as a retreat leader and spiritual director. Jonathan has a keen interest in diverse art forms, perhaps kindled by his early start in the theater at age ten. He enjoys attending concerts of all kinds (vocal, orchestral, opera), live theater, and the cinema, as well as exploring his other interests – music history, temple theology, classical and sacred music, and progressive politics –through reading and travel.


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Selection of Br. Jonathan's teachings from "Brother, Give Us a Word"


Vocation is not a goal to be achieved but a gift to be received. Every life experience becomes a vehicle for God’s call to be realized in vocation. In learning our limits and embracing failures, we can begin to recognize God’s particular gifts for us, which infuse our very being and form in us our…

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Water: Saturday

Watch the video on Light.
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Practical aThe baptismal mystery is that we are continuously dying to the old self and rising to the new creation. That incorporation by water and the Spirit has everything to do with the air we breathe and the water that sustains us. …

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As human beings and Christians, our life of faith and relationship has its source in divine Love, who eternally delights in each one of us as an image and likeness of God unlike any other. -Br. Jonathan Maury Society of Saint John the Evangelist To Read More and to Leave a Comment, Click Here

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Selection of Br. Jonathan's writing

Questioning the Faith: A View Through the Prayerbook Catechism

“The Catechism provides a way into a prayerful and faithful pondering of and responding to ultimate questions in religious belief.”

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Bound Together by Christ’s Loving Authority

“I’d like to offer here a collection of some of the teachings from our Rule of Life which have most struck and stayed with me over decades of living and learning with this text. Of all its many topics, the Rule is particularly rich in its teachings navigating the challenges and rewards of life in community. These teachings point the way ahead for all of us who are trying to live together in recognition of the fact that we are bound to one another by Christ’s loving authority.”

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Lifelong Formation

Our brotherhood – as a particular manifestation of the body of Christ – is not static but continuously adapting, renewing, and affirming the charism given our predecessors.

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